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Student research opportunities

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At UVic, we encourage our students to engage in research activities no matter where they are in their studies. You can develop your own research or take part in ongoing research projects. You can also work as a research student in paid work experience in research-based positions.

There are many other opportunities to learn and get experience outside the classroom. You can volunteer to be on a research team, join one of UVic’s many student clubs or sign up for the co-op program.

Why get involved in research?

There are many reasons to get involved in research at UVic. You can:

How to get involved

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards

Every year, the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) enables undergraduate students to conduct innovative and original research. You’ll be mentored by a supervisor as you engage in research inspired by your own passions and interests. As a successful applicant, you’ll receive $1,500 toward your studies and gain valuable experience.

Graduate student research internships

GS 505 is a multi-disciplinary internship that will let you add hands-on, practical work to your degree. You’ll get course credit and work with the community to produce research that is relevant to social needs. Work closely with mentors in the community to plan and conduct a research project. Your work will bring positive change to your community.

Because this course is open to all master’s and PhD graduate programs, you’ll also collaborate with other students across disciplines.

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