Hansen 傀儡师ing Num Num Bird on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock. 图片由英格丽德·汉森提供.

如果你列出了最有趣的职业, “professional 傀儡师” would surely be somewhere near the top. 对于任何喜欢毛茸茸的皮毛和时髦的泡沫的人来说, it doesn’t get much bigger than Jim Henson and Sesame—which is exactly where one stellar alumna is making a name for herself—even though she rarely shows her face.

英格丽·汉森, 论坛的09年, has lead roles in the Jim Henson Company’s Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock and Sesame Work-shop’s Helpsters, and is quickly becoming one of 加拿大’s top 傀儡师s. 他自称是“戏剧创作者”, 傀儡师, 配音演员和监狱戏剧艺术家,” Hansen’s resume is filled with shows on leading networks, 包括苹果电视+, Amazon Prime, 树屋, Teletoon, 孔雀, 美和YouTube.

“You have to be a little bit insane to want to do this, 但我真的很喜欢,汉森笑着说. ”Helpsters, 例如, 我要创造一个原创角色:我扮演一个大, 可爱的, 愚蠢的橙色怪物叫心脏, 谁有冰箱那么大.” But this means more than just putting on a costume: in fact, 需要三个人才能让《CQ9游戏》复活. (汉森负责控制声音、嘴巴和左臂.)“我有一个很棒的支持团队.如果我太热了, they shove an electric leaf-blower down the collar and give me a shot of fresh air.”

The Kelowna-raised Hansen has three seasons of the Emmy-winning Helpsters behind her, performing alongside celebrity guests like Hollywood star Danny Trejo, Broadway legend Alan Cummings and Grammy-winning singer Norah Jones, 以及洛杉矶顶级喜剧作家团队. “参与这部剧是我的梦想! 它充满了个性.”

Right: 英格丽·汉森 as the character Heart (orange monster) on Helpsters. 图片由英格丽德·汉森提供.


鉴于大多数儿童节目都是糖果色的, it’s easy to think that a 傀儡师 simply has fun professionally—but, 就像任何特殊的艺术形式一样, 事情远不止如此.

每天都很有趣, 但我的工作时间非常长,而且严格来说, 精神和身体上的挑战. Puppeteers call ourselves ‘professional problem solvers’ because everything a puppet does is kind of a stunt: pup-pets don’t have opposable thumbs, can’t do basic things like pick up a pencil and they break all the time. We constantly have to find tricks and create solutions to make them look alive.”


Hansen is also thrilled with her four-month gig on the Calgary-电影ed Fraggle Rock reboot—a show she loved as a child. “Any time it was on we all freaked out and ran to the TV,” she recalls. “I remember being fascinated by all the creatures—the humans, 的Fraggles, 绿色的小Doozers和巨大的怪物Gorgs.”

Bringing the walkaround character Ma Gorg back to life meant Hansen had to both study the original character work and add her own distinctive flair, 同时穿着原始服装的重建版. “I was wearing a puppet that was older than I was… and it didn’t even smell.”

Fraggle Rock is one of the puppet shows Hansen has worked on. 图片由英格丽德·汉森提供.


Fraggle Rock is a great example of how puppetry—a performance tradition spanning cultures and continents that dates back at least 2,500年不仅仅体现了可爱的角色.

“Fraggle Rock was created by Jim Henson as an international children’s series with the goal of ending war,”她解释道. “All these creatures are interconnected in ways they don’t always understand… it’s a really complex universe for a children’s show, 他们会深入探讨像分裂这样的深层话题, exclusion and water shortages—but still with that over-arching theme of interconnectivity between all living things.”

汉森本人对大话题并不陌生. She was co-artistic director (alongside fellow 剧院 grad Kathleen Greenfield) of the SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles. Hansen also worked with Victoria’s acclaimed prison 剧院 company, 舞台上的威廉·海德(who), 自2008年以来.

能在那里工作我感到很荣幸. 被监禁的艺术家是最勤劳的, ingenious people I have ever known: it really challenges them to work on a creative project that requires intense teamwork and trust. And it continually grounds me in the power of the performing arts as something relevant that can be life-changing on both sides of the curtain.”



Having co-authored and performed in 21 live SNAFU shows—including the award-winning productions Little Orange Man, 基特 & Jane and Interstellar Elder—Hansen also managed to stay busy during COVID. “I’ve been very fortunate to be able to keep creating,” she says. “SNAFU演了表皮马戏团, which was a livestream for the National 艺术 Centre performance series as well as a live drive-in show in Victoria and Vancouver, 与世卫组织一起创建了一个播客节目, performed in Victoria’s outdoor SKAMpede festival and developed a series of short 电影s that will be released soon.”

She has also maintained her campus connection over the years, whether by showcasing a solo show at the Phoenix Theatre or working with 校友 at WHoS and Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede festival. 事实上, 就在采访的前一天, she gave a talk to current students in the 美术 101 “Creative Being” class. (她对这些未来的创意人员的建议? “不要等着别人给你工作. 做你想做的.”)

从左至右:Kira Hall, Aymee Garcia and CQ9游戏官网 grad 英格丽·汉森 傀儡师ing Marjory the Trash Heap on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock. 图片由英格丽德·汉森提供.

 最后, given the current renaissance of puppetry and animation, 她还有什么梦想中的演出要完成吗? "如果他们再做什么新的黑暗水晶秀, that would for sure be on my bucket list—they used every 傀儡师 in the UK to make it. But really, I’m working on my dream project now,” Hansen concludes with a bright chuckle.

I’m so grateful—I feel like the luckiest little fart-face in the world. 我很享受这样做.”




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